The Confederation of Union Generals is a Civil War Living History organization,  founded in 2002, and based in Gettysburg, PA.

CHAIRMAN – Bob Hanrahan
SECRETARY – Bill Vosseler


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“Everyone has a vested interest in the past because the past is in everyone.”       



The Confederation of Union Generals was founded in October of 2002 by Lancaster resident Mike Riley, a long time Living Historian who portrays Major General John F. Reynolds.  It's genesis traces back to a Living History event at the Landis Valley Museum outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania in early August of that year.  The museum directors sponsored a "Civil War Days" event on the grounds and asked Mr. Riley to coordinate the Living History aspect of it. He contacted friends from his reenacting days to attend, many of whom were doing Living History as Union officers. That was the first presentation of what came to be called "Meet The Generals", and the group’s “signature” brand. Following the success of that event, the attending officers decided to  form an informal group to do  similar events in the future. That group subsequently took on the name the Confederation Of Union Generals, or simply "COUG".

From that humble beginning in 2002, COUG grew and expanded over the years --- adjusting to a changing composition as members entered into or left the hobby. Through it all, and aided by new members with energy,  resource, enthusiasm,  and bold ideas, a corps group of founders led the group into fresh and exciting initiatives and venues while remaining true to the vision of the organization in being ambassadors for ---and stewards of  - a precious treasure:  the heritage of America’s Civil War.  Using the knowledge of their historical  personas, combined with the gift of story telling, has enabled our members to animate the past for young and old alike, and “connect” them to that defining time in our history.

 If your organization is interested in having COUG attend your event, or if you wish  or obtain more information about us,  please contact the COUG  Event Coordinator,  Brigadier  General Rufus Ingalls at:
All appearances are "family" friendly, and suitable for all age groups.


COUG was recognized as a Non-Profit educational Corporation in 2012 under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Tax Code , and chartered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Tax deductible contributions toward the support of the organization’s educational mission are happily accepted & may be made payable to  “COUG”  and mailed to our address at PO Box 3851, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Kindly include your home address so we can acknowledge your generosity.

 The ladies of COUG --- wives and significant others of our officers  --- are  encouraged to join their officers at COUG events, and to actively engage the public in an educational &  period correct manner.  Their presence is a significant factor in the popularity of COUG at many events, and they are an important resource in telling the entire story of the Civil War era and the many contributions made by women in supporting the war effort –individually, in many roles, or through organizations.

Committed to a preservation and  an educational mandate, our most recent initiative resulted in a memorial to Dr Jonathan Letterman at the site of old Camp Letterman in Gettysburg in July 2013 on the 150th anniversary of its establishment as a hospital for the sick & wounded of the battle.

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The CONFEDERATION OF UNION GENERALS is Tax-Exempt Non-Profit  Educational 
Organization recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal  Revenue Tax 
Code and is chartered in the Commonwealth of  Pennsylvania.